First Day of School

Bella has basically spent all summer getting ready for this first day of her junior year. And almost had a melt-down when all three of the printers in the house ran out of ink on Labor Day, before all her AP Lang work was printed. Whew – Target was still open.

Not only did she have all her homework done (a given), her clothes picked out (a given), but she even washed my car, so that she wouldn’t be picked up in a dirty car (omg – how embarrassing!) on her first day.

She’s a junior. I think my junior year of high school is when I started to have what I consider my first adult memories. It was when I turned 16 that I started to feel like, Yup this is me. This is who I am going to be.

Bella’s first day is marked by a presidential address.

Read Obama’s address to the students of the United States here.

I applaud Obama’s efforts to improve this country by reaching out and encouraging the youth to figure out what it is that they do well – what they can do to contribute to this world, not just this nation.

Bella’s principal handled it diplomatically. He wrote in an email to all the parents that it wasn’t realistic to show 3000+ the same TV address at the same time, but that the speech would be available for viewing all week long during lunch and tutorial periods. Also, that some teachers might choose to air the speech to their classes, but any student wishing to desist, need only tell his or her teacher.

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