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Awards Ceremony Thought Bubbles

There are 150+ kids with academic distinction (3.5 GPA or higher)?! This is going to take all night. There are 78 valedictorians (4.0 or higher)?! I am proud of Bella for being a valedictorian, but this is going to take … Continue reading

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Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC)

I’d never heard of this program before, but it works for me! Basically, high-achieving kids at the high school are offered a guaranteed admission to a UC school just based on grade-point average. This is an excerpt from the letter … Continue reading

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Breaking News

[The strike lasted three days. Here is an article at the oc register recapping what happened and what was tentatively resolved.] The teachers’ union of Capo Unified has officially announced a teacher strike starting tomorrow. An email from the principal … Continue reading

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First Day of School

Bella has basically spent all summer getting ready for this first day of her junior year. And almost had a melt-down when all three of the printers in the house ran out of ink on Labor Day, before all her … Continue reading

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AP Euro with Bella

Me: So do you know what the Labor Party is? Bella: Nope. Me: Well, what are the two main parties in the United States? Bella: Fireworks? Me: ?!? Bella: Well they don’t do fireworks in England for the 4th of … Continue reading

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want to learn some Korean?

My cousin Charlie just turned me on to this site for some elementary Korean lessons. Although I have to say that I have been very happy with my (expensive) Rosetta Stone CDs. We have them for French, Spanish and Korean: … Continue reading

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