Joshua Tree Camping Debrief

Back from two outrageous nights of camping in Joshua Tree National Park.
I say outrageous, because it was three moms and seven kids. It was a lot of work, but very very worth it.

I got to Joshua Tree Sunday afternoon only to discover that I had never gotten my fully charged camera back from Bella after her birthday dinner. Darn! Other people did plenty of digital documenting though, so eventually I’ll have pics to share. For the meantime, here’s just one of Maclean, Sierra’s brother on top of Arch Rock. Underneath is her son Aiden and a friend Senna.

I’m suffering from a bit of post-camping malaise. I feel so under-stimulated to be indoors – there is no wind, no stars, so smells…

We had some great visitors: Christian’s grampy and grandma and lots of friends old and new.
Christian said “ganma” for the first time.
He also refused to leave her arms, even to come to me.
Yoshie made a curry from scratch on our second day there!
Grassfed steak on the grill and an endless supply and variety of sausages.
S’more’s made with all-natural marshmellows and fancy chocolate.
The kids having a non-stop blast.
Christian waking up in the tent with a huge grin on his face and saying the names of everybody there (seven in our tent alone).
A surprise rock scramble hike to White Tank with my friend Caryn, who happens to be a ranger there.
Watching the sky fill with sunset colors and the empty feeling that comes before stars.
Waking up to pee and seeing that the big dipper had made a quarter turn across the sky.
Seeing shooting stars.
Being with really terrific competent camping companions.

The wind.
The wind.
The wind.

I do not miss the wind.

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