Huntington Gardens with Five Kids

Bamboo forest is always a hit.

The guy in the red cap is a brand new friend - great kid!

I love the bonsai tree exhibit. Makes me want to sit and have a cup of tea.

My pal, Sierra, who drove, and then got me in free with her member's pass.

The teahouse was closed for renovation - love the winter view of the pond.

Fountains! Fountains! Fountains! Christian was beside himself he loved the fountains so much.

The source.

Everything is pint-sized in the Children's Garden.

The kids were in nonstop motion. Do you see the foot leaving the picture in the bottom left?

A raven sculpture I'd never seen before.

The magnet "fountain" with plenty of iron filings.

I'd packed another set of clothes for Christian, but had left them in the car. Fortunately, it was gorgeously sunny and warm that day.

The rain courtyard.

Inside the rainbow tunnel.

A view of some statuary as we were headed out.

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