Michele O'Marah @ Cottage Home

Everything comes together in Michele O’Marah’s show, “A Girl’s Gotta Do What a Girl’s Gotta Do.” Leaning heavily on 90’s nostalgia, three video installations recreate the stickiest un-feminist moments of Pamela Anderson Lee’s Barb Wire and hilariously O’Marah manages to use today’s tits and ass to interrogate yesterday’s tits and ass. Not only is the acting spot on (think of Spike Jonz’s Beastie Boy music video for Sabotage), but the re-installed set pieces lend a fun house appeal to the whole production. Extra credit for how wonderfully the soundtrack of the sex and the crime-thriller scene play off of Cameo’s hit song, Word Up. O’Marah is the real revolutionary here (Kathryn Brennan Gallery @ Cottage Home, Chinatown).

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