How to hold on to your playlists in iTunes

This is handy tip. For instance you have Rolling Stone’s Top Five Hundred Songs on one computer at home, and you would like to add that playlist to another computer at home – yet when you move the songs, they infuriatingly default to alphabetical order. To avoid having to listen to thirty Bob Dylan songs in a row, you must ALSO move your playlist as a text file AFTER the songs have been moved. See the simple directions below:

To export playlists from iTunes:

Select the playlist to be exported.

Either right click on the playlist title and select “export song list,” or select “export” from the file menu.

Choose a location to save the exported file. The file will be saved as a .txt file, which can be saved on a disc, or a flashdrive, or attached to an email to be transfered to a different computer.

To import the playlist:

(The songs in the playlist need to be in iTunes first, or nothing will show up in the playlist)

Select “import” from the file menu.

Find the location of the .txt file and open it.

n.b. The song information must be identical in both places, i.e. iTunes will not match a song listed in its library to the same song in the playlist unless all of its identifying info is the same.

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