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No Hurry

I used to really love getting mix tapes (and CD’s) from friends. Today’s equivalent of a mix tape is a playlist. My honey made me a playlist to listen to while I was away from him. Just ten songs long … Continue reading

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Putting Songs into iTunes

I can never remember the exact process to transfer music (from a backup disc – CD or DVD) to my iTunes. Here are Chad’s directions: 1. Go to “edit” in itunes, select “preferences” 2. Select the “advanced tab” and choose … Continue reading

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Chad's latest playlist

“Plastic Passion”    Cure    Boys Don’t Cry    1980 “Mannequin”    Wire    Pink Flag    1977 “Sweetheart Contract”    Magazine    The Correct Use Of Soap    1980 “No Dark Things”    Echo & The Bunnymen    Heaven Up Here    1981 “Eye Of The Lens” … Continue reading

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i want this new ipod toy

Gulp. A new Apple gimmick has come out. It reminds me of when Bella first saw the new even slimmer nanos in color. She scrolled down the page – when she caught a glimpse of the hot pink nano she … Continue reading

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Hirshhorn podcasts

Just catching up on a bit of Janet Cardiff research and came upon the Hirshhorn Museum’s free podcast archive. It’s great way to hear artists’ speak about their own work – and most of the lectures are podcasted as well. … Continue reading

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How to hold on to your playlists in iTunes

This is handy tip. For instance you have Rolling Stone’s Top Five Hundred Songs on one computer at home, and you would like to add that playlist to another computer at home – yet when you move the songs, they … Continue reading

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Chad's current top 40 most-played list

1 “Sand on Fire” Kitchens of Distinction Capsule: The Best Of KOD 1988-94 2 “So Here We Are” Bloc Party Silent Alarm 3 “What I Thought” Goldrush Ozona 4 “L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)” Kasabian Kasabian 5 “The Small Print” Muse … Continue reading

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Now is the time to buy, buy, buy!

You better go here and get your new version of itunes. And this is the new ipod scoop: “Jobs also announced a slate of iPods upgrades, including: A 24-hour battery life on a thinner, aluminum-cased iPod Nano, which stores media … Continue reading

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ipod info update

The actual patent for the new touch-screen ipod is posted at this site. And the new nano has twice as much storage and a tougher case. And on Wal-Mart, which claims that its stores account for 40 percent of … Continue reading

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holding onto a playlist in itunes

Since my boyfriend basically handles all the music stuff, I rarely have to peek into my itunes, but I learned a handy tip this weekend that I want to share. Besides, I have been cutting and pasting from old thesis … Continue reading

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