Printable Oscar Ballot

Only eleven days to the Oscars.

I’ve wrangled an invite to a friend’s house with cable.

We’ve started pinning down a menu: orange chicken fajitas, posole, chocolate cake…

And now I’m frantically watching as many of the nominated movies as humanly possible. District Nine was JUST FREAKY.

Here is a link to printable oscar ballot for those you, like us, who get into that sort of thing.

Or if you prefer to scan the list without downloading a pdf file, here is the 82nd Oscar nomination list at imdb, which has links for every single name mentioned.

Chad’s best movies of the year list was posted previously here. I’ve only watched six of his top ten so far…

And in case you were wondering,

Chad thinks The Hurt Locker (directed by James Cameron’s ex-wife – sheesh, talk about power couple) is shoo-in for Best Director and will probably get Best Picture as well. He also thinks that Jeff Bridges will get Best Actor and that Sandra Bullock will get Best Actress. Based on what’s already happened at the SAG and Guild awards ceremonies, it doesn’t look like there will be a lot of surprises this year.

I am glad to see that The Fantastic Mr. Fox is up for best animated feature, even though there is no way it will when against Up. Wes Anderson did a great job – that is a funny movie – and just enough quirky for my taste. Chad was doing imitations of Mr. Fox’s signature whistle for weeks.

At least Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will be entertaining as MCs.

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