Letter to Titi at 21 Months


Dear Baby,

This language acquisition stuff is the best. You make me hoot and holler all the time. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR MATERIAL??

Today you pointed to a fuzzball under my desk and shouted, “Goss! Deegusting! Tash! (“trash”)” and made a grimace by baring your teeth. Heh heh. That couldn’t be ME you’re imitating. Totally classic Korean-style grimace.

I love the way you tilt your head when you ask me a question. And how you like to reply, “yeaaah” in a slow drawl. Although you’ve become very determined about saying NO, too, lately.

Yesterday we ice-skating for the first time. It wasn’t intentional; you were just dragged along for the ride, since I was going ice-skating with your friends Anna and Aiden, and then it was just $3 extra to get you a pair of skates. You didn’t have a frame of reference at first (sadly, we haven’t been watching any Olympics…), but you caught on quickly. Once you saw Anna and Aiden marching to get those toys in their class – well, suddenly, you could stand on your own on the ice and go get a  blinking neon toy too. We went around the rink a total of three times. I think it might be something you really like down the road.

You REALLY liked the Zamboni (and you brought it up many more times that day – but you pronounce it with the first syllable shouted: ZANDS – bonee). Your baby-sized skates were adorable.

You are also really into tool play right now. Last week I picked up a used stomp rocket through freecycle (great gift for kids, incidentally). After we’d launched rockets several dozen times, you picked up the simple plastic tube connected to a bellows, proclaimed it was your “blower” and proceeded to use your leaf blower all through the hedges. Then (which I didn’t catch on video – darn it if turning on the camera always wreck your play flow), it became a hose for watering and you contentedly watered the grass down the sidewalk and back. Later, in the house, it became your vacuum cleaner. We are getting a lot of mileage from this toy!

And last weekend while Sierra, Devana, and I were plant-dying (yes, AGAIN), you played for hours with Nalijah’s tools. You shoveled and raked and hoed forever! Looks like I’m going to need to pick up a good set of real tools for you for your birthday.

But for all your manly imitation, you are still such a sweetie at heart. You’ve taken a shine to Bella’s old beanie baby Scat, a baby kitten, and the stuffed coyote that Caryn gave you. You like to wander around the house talking to the animals clutched under your arms. Sometimes you like to pee them or feed them too. You’ve even insisted nursing while holding an animal in each hand – and if I hadn’t fallen asleep also, I would’ve taken a picture of you sleeping with Scat clutched in one hand and my knit chicken in the other.

I love you , my sweet run-around boy.




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