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Last night I watched Memoirs of a Geisha (IMDb 6.9/10). Beautiful costumes, but I didn't really find the storyline of falling in love with an older man and dreaming of becoming his geisha very convincing. I read the book a while back – and remember being shocked to discover that it had been written by a man. On the other hand, during the movie I never forgot that fact – and it just seemed a little strange that a 10-year old would become obsessively infatuated with an adult man because he bought her an ice cream. Too much projected Lolita desire for my comfort level. I give it a C+. My friend tells me that the special features on the DVD is worth watching, so I'll check that out next.

Over the weekend I also saw Pee-wee's Big Adventure (IMDb 6.7/10) on a projected screen. Again, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet as a mom. But, it was good for a couple snorty laughs and I consider it an American cultural classic, so I give it a B-.

I've decided to include the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) rating as well as my own – I don't always agree with them, but I do find that site useful. The ratings are all user-based and each movie page has a full cast list and links to every possible thing or person associated with that movie. Since you can get a list of every movie an actor has been in or every movie a director has made, my boyfriend, C likes to use the links to get from one movie to another: I guess that's better than playing solitaire all day… Btw, any movie getting 7.0/10 or higher on is generally worth watching!

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