rat palaces

My brother got me the Rat Skyscraper for my birthday!! (I’ve been teaching my students to use the exclamation mark only when you can’t do without it, but the skyscraper warrants such gushing.) I’ve gotten some great gifts this year: a pressure cooker, a silk travel jewelry case, homemade pot holders with california poppies appliqued on them, several gorgeous plates and bowls from The Pottery to extend my italian straw collection, a candle warmer, a wanda-made torquoise and coral necklace and more. Wow, presents are really fun.

I had already received a Fed Ex package today – a flat one – so I was convinced that he had sent me another book and abandoned my rat cage idea, but the flat package (I couldn’t open it until HOURS later, because I was late to a memorial service) turned out to be the family journal with a long explanation about why my brother recently broke up with his peace corps girlfriend.

When I finally got home this evening (we ended up skipping the potluck reception and memorializing our friend in our own way – at a local bar hangout with appetizers and drinks) there was an enormous cardboard package leaning against my door from martin’s cages.

I’m going to lose myself in cage building this evening and try to forget the fact that I still don’t know if I got the job I interviewed for on Tuesday. They told me I would know by the end of the week, but then I got a call saying that the assistant superintendent had not reached a decision and that I would hear early next week. Darn.

P.S. To see some very cool (homemade) rattie palaces – check out this link.

[My rat has since passed away and this cage is FOR SALE! It is the powder-coated version with a flip-top lid, which cost $124 plus $20 shipping. It’s yours for $75 which includes shipping anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Post a comment if you are interested.]

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