wrapping text

When I stay home, so many things get done.

Today, I spent the morning at Bella’s soccer game (so far they are undefeated); shopped for groceries at the farmer’s market and grocery store; made a deposit at the bank; cleaned house; made a special lunch (alouette sandwiches) for Bella and her sleeping-over friends; thoroughly cleaned the rat cage; made Caesar salad and deluxe nachos for dinner; planned out Bella’s birthday party; took the girls to Necropolis, the haunted house in 29 Palms; posted FOUR times; and learned how to wrap text around a picture – all with the constant static of three 8th grade girls.
Simple: click the image, and then click the icon for left-align, right-align, or center. The only problem is that if the text isn’t long enough, the image extends down into the post below it.

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