sign me up for the pink leather toolbelt

Well, on a thesis day it normally takes me several hours to get my desk cleared off and prepped. Today is a bit worse because I am mired in a massive email clean-up. So, this is the last post until four hours of thesis work gets done.

I am reading a fascinating article in the NYTimes about the increasing purchasing power of women and how companies are starting to recognize this. The same article points out that single women are twice as likely to buy a house than a single man. There are also links to all kinds of great websites. For instance, there is which is a home improvement site! Great idea. I went there and the first thing I saw was an ad for a pink leather toolbelt. I want it. Then I saw an article about how to install a garbage disposal. Hmmm, looks pretty good since I am marrying Mr. I’m-not-a-handyman.

There is also about cars.

There is even a blog of an anonymous woman in Boston, Jane Dough, who tracks her monthly assets online. How interesting does that sound?!

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