When in Rome…

if you eat like a Roman, you’ll spend a lot less money.
n.b. ~35 Baht equals 1 US dollar

Five meals “out” in three days (all were carry-out or in the case of Italian food, delivered to the door):

30 B Khao Man Guy (Chicken, cucumbers, and rice cooked in chicken broth) This is something we pick up for the kids several times a week for lunch.

40B Khao Mu Daeng (Rice with red pork, hard-boiled egg, and slices of sausage – comes with spicy sauce)

40B Khao San (Chicken, fried and regular noodles in a SPICY peanut sauce – comes with garlic, onions, cabbage, and other stuff for garnish) This is a northern specialty and is served right at a cute restaurant at the head of Sue’s street.

30B Guy Yan (Grilled Chicken – on an open BBQ in front of the restaurant. Served with sweet sauce. Usually served with somtum and sticky rice) Another kid favorite, but I always end up eating it too.

280B Pasta Puttenesca from the Italian restaurant around the corner.

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