Mundane and Routine in Bangkok

The word is that there have been 16 deaths associated with the political upheaval here in Bangkok.

I want to assure everybody that Christian and I feel very safe. The protesters are demonstrating in very specific areas, many of which have been cordoned off or even completely closed down. I have not seen even one “red shirt”. [I had originally posted “yellow shirt,” which was a mistake. The yellow shirts were the ones who planned the coup several years ago that ousted the red shirt favorite, Taksin.]

It may seem bizarre, but life here in the Aree neighborhood proceeds as per usual.

P.S. Although, yesterday we saw billowing black smoke in the late afternoon. We saw on the news that the protesters were burning (and rolling) tires into the live shooting zone. Disconcerting. Joss went out and brought dinner home instead of us all going out to eat.
We’re going out just on the soi today to buy fresh fruit.

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