My First Week in BKK

My son as a fairy. (He's loving all his cousin's toys - these wings, though, were promptly taken away and hidden, since they are a prized possession.)

Overheard: "He's so cute. He's so cute. I LOVE him!"

Don't even get me started on the heat - that puppy is sleeping with his head on a bag of ICE!!

Strangely, the buildings going up, look like they are being torn down.

Sue's favorite fruit lady - she always gives up the latest street news and the freshest fruit (mankoot and rambutan pictured).

Girl: Molly? Boy: Owen? Luke? Thomas? Henry? (They've stopped taking my suggestions seriously, I'm afraid.)

and two picture vids, made by my bro-in-law:
See, we really are mostly staying at home and out of trouble.

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