Every other day or so, I hear a strange incantation over a loudspeaker go down the soi. At first I thought it might be some kind of political promo, but it turns out that “myquat” means “broom” and it’s simply the broom man passing by.

The mobile myquat bicycle cart.

I’ve wanted to stop him and buy brooms for years.
Today he happened to be stopped and resting in front of Sue’s apartment building.
I bought two small brooms (I like the fan-style whisk) and one small feather duster. The feather duster is made of chicken feathers (!!) and he makes them himself in the evenings.
Each item was 55B, so about $1.50.
The other guy I’ve always wanted to stop is the cutting board man. But his slices of tree trunks might make for unreasonable packing.

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