Brined Turkey

Even though I am supposed to be the head chef at Thanksgiving this year, my dad keeps dropping hints about brining a turkey which I had never heard of. (The parents are all going out for a game of shotgun golf on Thanksgiving day…)

Apparently it is all about soaking the turkey in salt water overnight to create a moister, more favorful roasted turkey. I read through an explanation on the analyticalcooking site, and here is a recipe from the foodnetwork. I tried to get a recipe from the Cook’s Illustrated site, but it was available only for members/subscribers. I can get a 14-day trial subscription for free, but it that case I should probably wait until closer to turkey day. I really don’t want to be in charge of the turkey… sigh.

so far:

Bella – “that’s so trailer” corn

Me – cranberry chutney; oyster and chestnut stuffing; and pecan pie

Joss – roasted veggies

Sue – Drunken Potatoes, and cheese cake
Mrs. Oh – green beans

Chad –

John –

Songbae – drinks, deboning turkey and clean-up
Joe – drinks, clean-up

Hey, who knows how to make gravy? And do we need more green stuff? And a non-oyster stuffing for Joe?

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