Happy Birthday to ME

Gray, but still blowing bubbles.

Despite all the clucking that’s gone down on around me about the lack of celebrating my birthday – I really had a good one.
Because, you know what?
This ENTIRE TRIP is like a birthday present.
My brother frequently makes me coffee and breakfast in the morning and has watched Christian so I could sneak out for a Thai massage (and has offered to do it anytime). My sister and brother-in-law won’t let me pay for anything and keep the excellent food rolling. The maid presses and hangs my clean clothes BACK IN MY CLOSET daily and cleans my bathroom and bedroom four times a week. Christian and his cousin Noi naa play super sweetly together (most of the time – you know, when they’re not fighting…) Friends I’ve just made are bringing me lovely gifts (I LOVE THE HAT, EKUA!) And heck, my husband financed the trip and now my teenage daughter wants to skype and talk with me every day. Did I mention that said daughter is 16 and usually barely wants to give me the time of day when I’m home?
Best of all, I’m getting to hold my newborn little Leela niece whenever I want, and breathe in big gulpfuls of her heady baby perfume. She smells so sweet it’s incredible.
I’m having a grand old time.
The protests are already old news (tonight’s curfew is midnight – wait, does that mean Songbae’s not coming home tonight?? It’s midnight already!) and we’ve started dipping back into routines like going to playdates, swimming in the morning, and strolling to the park in the evenings.
This evening when I snapped at my sister, I noticed that I wasn’t really even irritated – just keeping up appearances out of bad habit. Because I feel mellow. Hot and sticky, but generally mellow.
And I’m getting a heck of a lot of crafting and reading done.
Turning 42 is okay by me.
Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes and facebook shouts!

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