A Songbae Update or Why My Hits Have Gone Up This Week

This is Songbae’s latest email blast; he titled it

Ten Things you Don’t Need to Know

(or, “Facebook status updates I never posted”)

1. Finished Mercy Corps Kyrgyzstan internship last month: Was working for their microfinance institution called Kompanion.

2. Extended for another six months starting in June: Will be interim CFO for Kompanion.

3. Arrived in Bangkok last Monday: My little sister was expecting her second baby (popped out on Friday) and I thought I would try to squeeze in another revolution before summer.

4a. Cultural insights through language lessons: My Russian teacher seems to focus on certain themes when she makes up examples like “I don’t know if she loves me”, “Women need love, a good family and kids” and “Men need comfort, a free life, interesting work and a woman”.

4b. More Russian language lessons: I had to translate “He can not go. He is too drunk” and “He does not want to go to Paris with his wife, he wants to go there with his girlfriend.”

5. Food in Bishkek: A co-worker ordered an “Estonia salad” which was pickled mushrooms, chicken, green peas, mayonnaise, ketchup and cognac.

6. Older sister’s birthday: Her birthday is on May 25. As her present, I’m asking my friends to visit her blog. She gets excited when her “hits” go up. For added bonus points you can leave a comment.


7. “Why I should keep my day job” picture: While I was living in Bangkok last summer with my sister, I went to Laos with my brother-in-law who is a professional photographer as his assistant. I’m the one in the Hawaiian shirt.

8. “New years 2009”: Picture taken at my sister’s apartment in Bangkok with my niece and her friend. The kids stayed up way later than me.

9. “Me and Allie on bus”: For those of you who have asked for pictures from my Nepal trip last year, this is probably not what you were talking about. But I thought this picture was funny. The bus was so crowded that I was hanging halfway out the door and they had stuffed my friend in the front behind the driver’s seat.

10. Travel guides: The Lonely Planet travel guide for Central Asia has a section under Dangers and Annoyances called “Assault by Hospitality”. And their Russian phrasebook has a romance section that teaches you how to say “Use your tongue”.

Miss you all. Come visit soon.


Picture for #7

Picture for #8

Picture for #9

P.S. FYI: womantalk.org got 278 hits on May 21, 2010. may finally break 6,000 hits this month. not that i watch stats or anything…

P.S.S. I’m adding a video of Songbae plus one niece and nephew.


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