Letter to Christian at 2 years 2 months


Dearest Christian,

While there are aspects of independence-seeking toddlerhood that drive me nuts (practicing your ability to say, I don’t want to go pee, when you clearly need to go – and then throwing a tantrum when I pull off your pants and spraying me with pee…), I have to say that I think this imaginative free play era that you are entering may be my favorite age of all.

You are picking up people and and animals, or even more delightfully, pinecones and rocks, and entering into a focused playtime, wherein said pinecones and rocks go for rides on tractors and explore muddy caves.

Bundled up for sand play at Point Mugu.

Did I mention mud? You are developing quite the reputation as the mud-seeker where ever we go, and even if we don’t go anywhere at all. Although you love our neighbor Riley’s sandbox (and climb up there every chance you get) you have also discovered a shady, muddy patch under our porch. And thrill-of-thrills, Riley likes it there too and brings his gigantic tonka dumptruck, his plastic backhoe, and battalion of miniature matchbox tractors and construction vehicles, to play. Basically when you wake up in the morning, you are chomping at the bit to run down the stairs and plop yourself down in the dirt to pretend and play. By yourself or otherwise.

When an old friend remarked, Boy, Christian sure loves mud! I replied, Don’t all kids?
She reminded me, Not Bella! Have you forgotten that she didn’t like to get dirty?

True enough. Bella didn’t like dirt and she still does not like loud noises. A bit dainty that one – even with all the time she’s spent camping and outdoors. It’s a puzzler.

King of the woodland hillside.

But then I didn’t know the name of a dozen different construction vehicles with her either. Neither did she have an obsession with digging implements (sheer joy at ganma and gampy’s house, where there is a shovel leaning against every wall).

I love you and I love going camping with you. This last trip to the ocean (we camped in Point Mugu State Park at Thornhill Broome) was a lot of work – but boy, did you and your cousin Noi naa have an absolute blast playing in the beach sand in the best sand pit ever, right next to our campsite.

Let’s go play some more!



New shades were a must for all the outdoor time - thank you Emo Sue!

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