Letter to Christian at 2 1/2 years old

Dear Christian,

You’ve cast away aside your diggers and trucks for your brand-spanking freshly whittled bow drill fire kit, that your dad made for you tonight.

As you tell me in this video, you are “Evan” and you are teaching making fire.

You are also obsessed with light sabers.

and guns.

and swords.

Apparently anything can become a light saber, gun or sword. Got a wine cork or toilet paper roll? Then you’ve got a light saber. Got an L-shaped puzzle piece or rock? Then you’ve got a gun. Got a piece of bamboo driftwood? You’re good to go with your pirate sword.

We’re rolling with it, but making sure that you park your longer sticks out on the porch. And it’s important not to point guns at people but at targets and antique cans (as your dad’s taught you). And no JUMPING ON THE BED WITH SWORDS!



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