Cash in Old Cell Phones

Radio Shack is currently hosting a pretty great cell phone trade-in program. Bring in all your old cell phones (sans cases, but WITH chargers for more cash) to your local Radio Shack and they will buy them off you and put the amount on a gift card.

For example, we went into Radio Shack yesterday to buy Bella her first brand-new iphone. We brought in six old cell phones with chargers: 2 RZRs, 1 samsung blackjack, 1 blackberry, and 1 1st gen iphone. We got $141.90 back. I kid you not. The iphone alone got $84 – and it had stopped working (although it turned out that the problem was a corroded sim card – still NEW 3g iphones are $59!)

So, my advice to you. Get searching through desk drawers and get yourself over to Radio Shack ASAP. No need to purchase anything.

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