New Spring Cycle of Playgroup in the Woods

A Little Garden Flower

A little garden flower is lying in its bed.
The sun shines bright, overhead.
Down came the rain, dancing to and fro.
The little garden flower awakens, and now begins to grow.

Spring is Coming by Elisabeth Lebret

Spring is coming, spring is coming, birdies build your nest!
Weave together straw and feathers, doing each your best. Doing each your best.

Spring is coming, Spring is coming, Flowers are coming too.
Poppies, rosies, daffodillies, All are coming through! All are coming through![flower names have been modified to reflect flowers in story]

Spring is coming, spring is coming, All around is fair,
Shiver, quiver on the river, Joy is everywhere! Joy is everywhere!


Finger Fairies by Betty Jones
Fairies funny, five are we.
Laughing, happy as can be.
And away we go!

Repeat verse using other hand.

Who Likes the Rain? By Clara Doty Bates

“I,” said the duck, “I call it fun,
For I have my little red rubbers on!
They make a cunning three-toed track
In the soft cool mud. Quack! Quack! Quack!”

“I,” cried the dandelion, “I,
My roots are thirsty and my buds are dry”
And she lifted a tousled yellow head,
Out of her green and grassy bed.

“I hope it will pour, I hope it will pour.”
Croaked the tree-toad at his grey back door.
“For with a broad leaf for a roof,
I am perfectly weather-proof!”

Sang the brook, “I welcome every drop,
Come down dear raindrops; never stop
Until a broad river you make of me
And then I will carry you out to sea!”

“I,” shouted Ted, “for I can run
With my high-top boots and raincoat on,
Through every puddle, runlet, and pool
I find on the road to school.”

Fairy Ring
Round about round about, in a fairy ring.
Thus we dance, thus we dance, and thus we sing!
Trip and go, to and fro, over this green grass we go,
All about, in and out, for our Flower Queen/King!

To Let by D. Newey-Johnson

Two little beaks went tap, tap, tap!
Two little shells went crack, crack, crack!
Two fluffy chicks peeped out and Oh!
They liked the looks of the big world so,
They left their homes without a fret,
And two little shells are now to let!

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