Optimistic Opportunist

My siblings arrive for a visit in approximately seven weeks.

I’ve decided to try and complete one large onerous organizational household task each week until then.

It’s not so much that I care what they think about my house (they know me too well), so much as I am trying to quell a rising sense of panic when I think of how UNfunctional my already too cluttered home will become with an additional five people here. It’s a desperate attempt at some much needed de-cluttering.

Here’s the list. I am planning to spend one week on each project. I am determined to de-clutter, organize, and clean each of the following areas:

1. Files (top of cabinet, which currently is a slippery slope of papers and envelopes needing filing)

2. Files (inside – whew, get worried just thinking about this one)

3. Dresser Top (accomplished this one already – woo hoo!)

4. Linen Closet (almost finished here – wow.)

5. Clothes in closet (got a good start here, but may have to include the craft projects which also live in the closet)

6. Under Bed  (I think I will actually have to lift the cal king mattress and put it aside to tackle this job properly. So, perhaps husband should be around.)

7. Bookshelves (There are just two – but both need weeding and serious dusting.)

8. Photos (I’m alright if I don’t get to this one.)

Okay, who needs three brown bags of assorted hangers then? Selling an Elna sewing machine for $25. Giving away an espresso machine/coffee maker. Let me know – otherwise going to hit freecycle and craigslist.

So far, I’m ahead of schedule. If I can clear my desk some, I’ll post pictures too.


This is a pic of my desk earlier this year - it can get pretty bad...

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