Too Long for a Tweet

I woke up this morning to dozens of birthday wishes in my mailbox, some from folks I haven’t seen in over twenty years. That is the strangeness and hilarity this side of facebook.

My parents sang me Happy Birthday as a memo and sent the file to me. The best bit is at the end, where my mother snaps at my dad in Korean, GOOD GRIEF – you’re covering the microphone!

That memo from my folks.

I used to have trouble remembering how old I was turning, which was complicated by the fact that Bella liked to tease me by adding a year or so to my age when ever it was mentioned. That trouble is gone since Christian was born two days before I turned 40. His age plus 40 = 43.

Thank you for thinking of me. I’ll continue posting my thoughts throughout the day (a questionable practice, I know).

On the other hand, we’re about to leave to for our last Earthroots class of the spring session, and then it’s off to Korean food for dinner. So, I may not be back until after dinner…

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