Prom in 2011

At the pre-photo session.

Things have changed since 1986 when I went to my high school prom. Dresses are shorter, heels are higher, and apparently it is now all the rage to execute a creative way to ask your date to go.

I like using my friend's big camera!

These are some of the ways Bella’s friends have been asked to prom:

Girls plus dates - although 40 of them were on the rented "party bus" together.

Her bedroom is filled with pink balloons and five red helium balloons float above, spelling the question, PROM? (He likes her a lot.)

You can see a range of dress and shoe choices here.

He uses car wax to write PROM? on the hood of her car (He likes her less.)

Better view of Bella's Taylor Swift up-doo.

He ties a little note to the collar of a chihuahua puppy (prom?) and leaves it outside the front entrance of school and texts her to come out and meet him. She comes out and only sees the puppy. (This really happened!)

What was Christian doing? Being not-so-patient and crawling around like a monkey.

They write a song and play and sing it in front of their classmates – this culminates in the presentation of roses to their prospective dates. (This is how Bella and her friend were asked.)

More of the group.

Very sweet. These teenagers have a lot of energy – I’m glad it’s being channeled in fun and creative ways.

Don't know what Bella's so embarassed about ME for - we all look like, well, like PARENTS!

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