Awards Ceremony Thought Bubbles

There are 150+ kids with academic distinction (3.5 GPA or higher)?! This is going to take all night.

There are 78 valedictorians (4.0 or higher)?! I am proud of Bella for being a valedictorian, but this is going to take all night.

There are 30+ organizations giving away awards and scholarships tonight? Is every speaker going to take this opportunity to describe their organization like that rotary guy??? Is there any way for me to sneak out of this? THIS IS GOING TO TAKE ALL NIGHT.

Good thing I brought my knitting. And that I’m sitting far enough away that Bella can’t tell what my hands are doing.

Whew – at least Bella isn’t the only one wearing such a short dress.
Or such high heels.

I guess skinny pants are in for the guys – back to the ska look of the 80’s.

Oh! So THAT’s the guy that’s been texting Bella.

Hey, These kids are getting a lot of money! Did Bella even apply for these??

Okay, so the “scholar of scholars,” has the highest GPA in the class. *gasp* He took 14 Advanced Placement (AP) classes?! He got a 4 or higher on all his exams?! He’s already applied for a U.S. patent and he’s published in a scientific journal? Perfect SAT scores?! He’s going to Harvard? Well, no wonder Bella didn’t think she was Ivy League material.

Looks like most of the valedictorians are going to UC’s. Reminds me of when Dawkins told Bella how many kids were going to college from her graduating class: 22. Bella couldn’t believe her ears and assumed that Dawkins meant 22 kids were going to UC’s. Not so, 22 graduating seniors are planning to attend a four-year educational institution next year from the high school Bella almost went to.

Perfect Attendance: Should we really be rewarding kids who have not missed a day of school in four years? Doesn’t that just mean they’ve been going to school sick?

I’d better find somebody to hang out with Christian for Bella’s graduation. No way he can gracefully survive hours of sitting on the bleachers in such tight quarters.

Free punch and a cookie did not make up for that.

My advice: Cut the ceremony by half next year.

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