washington D.C. Day 3

Bella has pronounced that she vastly prefers trains to buses and planes. We then spent some time reminiscing about our last Chinatown bus to D.C., which was cheap ($20 vs $80 by train), but exceedingly smelly. So the train ride went well – and we enjoyed the wintry scenery between napping and snacking.

We arrived at Union station, hopped on the Metro and made it over to Dunn Loring by about noon thirty, at which point we crammed five pieces of luggage and seven people into my mom’s jag. What were they thinking to leave the SUV at home? Well. I suppose it worked out, just made for a boisterous and crowded welcome to D.C., which come to think of it might be the flavor of the week.

[Notable snack: Dale & Thomas Popcorn – Chocolate Chunk ‘N Caramel. Incredibly delicious.]


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