NBTSC Oregon Session II, Summer 2011

Coincidentally, there were three camp kids this year - and they were all three years old and had been born within one month of each other.

One of the cuter scenes from camp: Four buff teenage boys learning a karate form from one of the girls.

My sock-making workshop.

Organic, vegetarian food for every meal. Here, Christian is biting into his nori roll.

The Kiosk. This is where we slept. Notice to the right there is an ariel silk hanging from a tree branch.

There were often amazing arial acrobatics going on just outside the cabin door.

Hair cutting workshop. Each advisor was asked to teach a minimum of three workshops on topics of their choice. They often taught more than that. Also, campers and other staffers taught workshops.

One workshop was on making a bubble house. It generated a lot of excitment, and then ended up being used for both the staff party and prom.

One of the campers brought piles and piles of wool roving and taught a workshop on needle felting.

Christian and I often went for walks in the forest over the bridge.

Would you be surprised if I told you that I had my advisee group meet in the woods every day? At our last advisee meeting, we spent 20 minutes sitting and writing love letters home to ourselves - and it wasn

Banana slugs were always a cause for delight.

We even caught two banana slugs in the act. They made a love mandela.

I organized an art show with classical music.

One of the art pieces was a dress made entirely out of circles cut out of gift cards and jump rings. (Did I mention that one of the campers showed me how to make chain maille?)

Christian's favorite piece at the art show was the handmade sword (not made at camp). His contribution was painting the paper mache turtle blue.

There was such a surfeit of creative energy at camp it was unreal. Check out Christian's stegosaurus pancake.

Christian having a chat with the camp therapist, "So how do you FEEL about that?" (just kidding - Nathen just happened to be one of Christian's favorite people at camp.)

My plant-dying workshop (which included embroidery and crochet).

Of course, some of the campers just totally RAN with the embroidery.

Turmeric made lovely yellow hankies. The campers were quite adept with the embroidery and several made gifts for friends.


During one of the camp meetings, we played a huge game of "Haha" (lay your head on a friend's belly, laugh once, your friends laughs twice and so on).

We made it up to Vista Peak only once. I was impressed with how many other people made the trek to the top.

All of this year's "graduates." Some of these campers had been coming to camp for SIX YEARS! This is a tight-knit community.

Back porch behind the kitchen - there is a hot game of Settlers of Catan going on. Notice Christian is there, in the lap of one of his favorite campers.

There was a beautiful swimming hole that we tried to visit every day. There were crayfish and newts. Here is a short video of some of the kids trying to WALK ON WATER. Hilarity abounded.

And here’s another video of two of my advisees during show-and-tell. It was hooping and harping.

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