Letter to Christian at 3 Years 5 Months

Dear Christian,

It appears that every letter I ever write to you will begin with the words, “You crack me up…”

You crack me up.

Lately, you’ve been moving into a bigger boy mode. While we anxious parents had trike and balance bike out and available when you turned two (you know, just in case you were one of those kids who were agile early) you have only discovered the pleasures of triking this past month. Now, you’re unstoppable and nothing pleases you more than a good trike ride around the whole neighborhood. It’s a shame that we don’t have a dog at the moment.

You have also become a bone fide lego addict aided and abetted by your co-dependent lego-addicted father. I mean seriously? How many lego sets does one family need?! (I better not pursue that line of thought, lest somebody think to criticize my closet-sized stash of yarn). Let’s just say, that it’s lego time in the morning, in the afternoon, and every night too. And every week means another trip to some lego outlet (vis. target, toy-r-us, the mall, even COSTCO) and another kit home. My three-year old son is getting THE MILLENNIUM FALCON LEGO KIT FROM SANTA THIS YEAR.

This is a set that contains 1,250 separate pieces and costs $139 and it’s been purchased for a THREE-YEAR OLD. It’s in the garage already! Chad has already has a pdf of the directions downloaded on his iPad. (And he’s already strategized the building plan – it’s built in two parts! The first 88 pages is just about building the base of the ship!)

So, FYI folks, no need to get Christian anymore Legos. His dad is doing a perfectly good job of keeping him stocked up. And let’s face it folks, Chad has already purchased every “good” set under $50.

Needless to say, the grand opening of the Lego store at our local mall, had a prominent place on our calendar for months. And when it opened, we went twice in the same weekend. And Chad’s been back twice since. I’m not even kidding when I say that there are Lego excursions every week.

The video below is of Christian helping build the giant SpongeBob figure on the opening day.
Christian and his friend Kyla even made it into the online version of the OC Register in a story on the event.
You can check it out here.

Other than that, hmmm… well, hand-in-hand with the Lego love affair is the Star Wars obsession. If your dad has anything to do with it, you will have seen the entire saga in 3-minute youtube clips by the time you are four years old.

I try to balance things out with Forest Kindergarten twice a week.

I love you, Baby.


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