Dear Santa

Christian still "needs" a shield. He got a great sword from the Elves' Faire (though he says he still "needs" a longer sword).

For the past few years, I’ve been the delegated holiday gift shopper for both my parents and my brother. My parents give me an allowance of $100 per grandkid and $200 per adult child. It’s pretty fun to spend.

This year my sister (in Melbourne) wrecked the fun a little by deciding on her own gift from my parents – she got a Le Creuset pot – which I grudgingly admit is a good use of parental present money. I may do the same.

For all the little grandkids, I simply went on a clothing shopping spree at Hannah Andersson, because it’s just fun to have one complete set of functional nice clothes for the winter holidays. My 4-year old niece Noi naa is getting fringed suede boots, a fur vest, and a rainbow cardigan. My 1 1/2-year old niece, Leela, is getting a dress, leggings/pants, and a matching rainbow cardigan. She is getting a little less, but I imagine that one day she’ll also be wearing that adorable fur vest…

My brother likes me to spend all his gift money on presents for his department. I’ll do like I did last year – send him 6 or so gifts from Costco for him to play steal-a-gift with his office mates.

Bella is getting something from her wish list:

  1. juicy sweatshirt in black / petite – from Chad + me
  2. lululemon yoga pants – from Songbae
  3. nice jeans– $100 gift card to Nordstrom’s, which works at the Rack
  4. true religions with simple back pocket, straight leg or skinny, size 24 (like this but probably cheaper at loehmans, nordstrom rack, or outlet mall)
  5. delta gamma sweatshirt xs
  6. rainbows in sierra brown (tan) thick strap , size 7
  7. bras
  8. backpack maybe

(My thoughts on what she might need: yoga mat, car insurance $$ for Dec., external hard drive, decent carry-on suitcase…)

Chad has already worked through most of his own wish list. His stuff is wrapped and under the tree:

apple tv $100 ($89) – with contest winnings

bike helmet $50 ($28)

cycling gloves $50 – from Sue’s family

shoes $75 ($60) – from Songbae

raincoat $100 ($108) – from me

socks $25 ($28)

headphones $50 ($20) – from Songbae

sun hat $30

Chad won the $150 pinned to the fridge by hitting his goal weight of 150 pounds the day before Thanksgiving. How close was the contest you ask? I was only five pounds away from MY goal weight when we started, and now I’m seven pounds away. yup.

Christian is getting another wooden knight and horse from Songbae, the Millennium Falcon Lego set from Santa, and a wooden ironing board and iron from me (plus crocheted chain maille in his stocking). Songbae (via me) is also getting Noi naa a down jacket, princess books, and SmartWool sock. Leela is getting wooden penguin figures, SmartWool socks, and a sweet pair of toy mice sleeping in a large matchbox.

And I can’t make my mind up about what I should get from anybody. I have from my parents, from my brother, and from Chad. Plus I have $80 in Costco checks to redeem and $60 contest win money laying on my desk. If I were not an Earthroots employee, I’d be asking for more Earthroots classes!

  • new pair of eyeglasses OR sunglasses (but need to wait until the new year rolls through for my insurance to cover part of the frames)
  • running sneakers (from my husband)
  • hiking boots (got a great pair from the last swap party)
  • stainless steel immersion blender (with Costco money)
  • set of field guides for Western US (mammal, tree, tracks, birds…)
  • lulumon yoga pants and top
  • clothes in general, especially jeans that fit
  • Le Creuset pot (big ones at TJ Maxx – seconds!)
  • enough Noro yarn to knit MYSELF a sweater (from Sue!!)
  • an iron (mine broke) – used Costco $$
  • yarn winder (Sierra moved away with hers)
  • yoga classes (have been trying the free classes at CorePowerYoga at town center)
  • subscription to the New Yorker or ArtForum or Cooks Illustrated
  • a second EarthBox (getting one via worktrade through EarthRoots)
  • primitive skills campout in AZ in Feb ($300)
  • house cleaning (tempted to hire Kinga, my friend’s housekeeper, for a day)
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