Letter to Christian at 3 1/2 years

Dear Christian,

You are currently infatuated with anything to do with Star Wars, Legos, swords, knights, armor, shields, space ships, guns, castles, fighting, sticks, stick-fighting, play-fighting, wrestling, running, hiding, and our two boy neighbors. Last night in the shower you showed us your karate moves too. Are you a boy or what?

Older boys are very appealing to you. There are many adults you like, male and female.

You have become creative about making your costumes. If you are not wearing goggles (which makes you a podracer) then you are walking around with a basket over your head shouting that you are Iron Man. The diffuser hair dryer attachment makes a great spaceship gun extension to your right arm.

I think being at forest kindergarten two days a week has made you stronger physically. You have been sick less this year than last, and your appetite is healthy. You’ve started to really sleep hard at night and for your nap. It’s no surprise because you run around like a maniac when we’re at forest kindergarten. Two days ago you cried when it was time to go. You especially love Big Oak Canyon where we camped for Martinmas. Don’t worry, we’re taking you back there this weekend for Acorn + Fire Family Day. We’ll bring both of our bow drills and practice making a fire. I even have some dried mugwort leaves set aside to act as a coal extender. Dad will ride his bike up and join us later.

Right now you’re at Target with your dad. He won a no-Target-for-the-month-of-November contest and now he’s there to spend his winnings on LEGOS.

Another Earthroots instructor aptly described you as a “real firecracker.” Yup. Fire cracker.

I love you.



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