Currently Obsessed with Kale

One bunch of "dinosaur" kale, washed and mostly dried.

Yes, I know: kale is pretty trendy these days. But that’s okay, eating more kale is never going to be bad for anybody.

After cutting out the stiff stalk, I cut most leaves into 3 pieces: two skinny from the sides of the stalk and the leafy top.

Today I bought four organic bunches at Sprout’s. The bagger knowingly nodded at the lasinto bunches and said, “Kale chips?”
I nodded, “Yes.”
When I said that I made them in my oven, he lost interest.

I have made them in somebody else’s dehydrator, and they were good that way also. In the oven is easier, faster, and more delicious (albeit, less nutrition and less enzymes).
I have made four batches in four days. I can’t eat enough of this stuff.

2T olive oil, 1T miso, 1T vinegar - nothing was measured, just splashed and scooped.

The kale must be washed and dried. Then the stems should be cut out. Cut the leafy part into large sections.
I made a dressing. This is a recipe from a friend; I think she got it off epicurious. I mixed 2T olive oil (costco organic) with 1T miso (white) and 1T vinegar (red wine). Then I tossed it with the kale.
Spread loosely on a cookie sheet. Put in a 170 oven (that’s the lowest mine goes). Stir it around gently once in a while. Eat a few crispy bits.
Takes a couple hours, so it’s a good activity to have going on while you’re having a home day.

One bunch makes a small batch. The chips are surprisingly delicate, but satisfying. As one friend has admitted,"These are BETTER than potato chips!"

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