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I have still shaking my head in disbelief at how much Bella has benefited from being a part of a sorority. Any class, teacher, job, or association at UCLA she’s interested in, there is a Delta Gamma sister who can help her out by giving advice or by introducing her to the right people.

She’s even gotten involved in the governing body at school, because the president happens to be a Delta Gamma (or “DG sister” – yes, they really do use that kind of terminology).
I believe in doing favors for friends. A sorority is a formalized network of friends, who are committed to supporting one another and believe in doing charitable work.

Here is an example of the kind of letter she gets in her email box:
Date: February 27, 2012 10:29:17 PM PST
Subject: [DeltaGamma] Medical Assistant Job Opportunity

Hey guys!!

I’m leaving my job by the end of March and I am helping my boss find a replacement for me. Dr. XXXXXX is a pretty well-known dermatologist and needs a front/back office medical assistant in his Beverly Hills practice every Friday and every other Monday 9:15-5:00. The other days of the week are not an option because he works out of his other office those days. I absolutely LOVE going to work and I’ve learned so so so much from him and the other people I work with. If you want to learn, which has always been my mindset, he is an amazing teacher and is very willing to let you try things! I’m really sad I have to leave the job but it’s not working with my schedule anymore. He wants a DELTA GAMMA to pass this wonderful job opportunity too; XXXXX XXXXX  (graduated last year) held this job before me and I’m pretty sure another girl held it before her. He’s the most friendly man you will ever meet and he loves the whole sorority thing and would love it if someone I knew could take the job after me.
I work with two other great women who will also teach you so much about the medical field, billing, front desk work, and really anything you want to know. They have become some of my great friends and I’m really sad to go! Some of my responsibilities in the back office including rooming patients, bandaging after mole removals, preping patients for cosmetic procedures (like numbing!), writing prescriptions, drawing up shots/botox/fillers, and answering patient questions. In the front office I’m responsible for answering the phone, preparing charts, scheduling appoints, taking payment, and greeting patients.
This is a big commitment (he wants the new hire to work for at least 1 year including over the summer). If classes are an issue Mondays or Fridays, this position will not work out for you. I had to rely on XXXXXX for notes during the classes that I missed so if you are willing to do that pleaseeee email me! You do not need to be a science major but it helps a lot and it’s such great experience and looks SO good on a resume. I was also able to shadow the doctor and his physician’s assistant for so many hours over the summer and you will be able to too!

So let me sum it up:
Job: medical assistant
When: Every Friday & every other Monday 9:15-5:00, starting April 2 (first day of Spring quarter)
Where: XXXXXXX Dr. in Beverly Hills (down the street from Sprinkles cupcakes:))

The position is paid 🙂 PLEASE contact me if you are the slightest bit interested. You do not need a car because the bus takes less than 10 minutes to get there!
Email me at or text me (XXX)XXX-XXXX if you have any questions. If you’re interested I will set up an interview time for you.

Thanks so much for reading!

ITBest be jumping on this amazing opportunity,
DeltaGamma mailing list

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