In lieu of traveling…

I like to plan out the time when friends and family visit ME.

Outsiders may see it as controlling, but so far, everyone just rolls with it. I posted one such summer itinerary here. When my brother saw the post after a week into the visit, he said, “Glad I didn’t see this in advance, because I would have been stressed!” But ironically we HAD followed the schedule nearly to a T with very little stress for my brother who is the ultimate roll-with-it kind of guy.

So, my dear friend Sierra arrives today with three of my favorite kids (one of whom is promised to marry Christian). This is what we’ve fleshed out so far:

May 4, Friday- Into LA, landing at around 10:30am, driving to Jeannie’s house (Laguna Niguel Regional Park, Kogi Truck), homemade oxtail pho for dinner

May 5, Saturday- OC Waldorf May Faire, Gen’s Bday, hotel in LA (couldn’t convince sis to do grunion run)
May 6, Sunday- Sierra’s Bday, Wi Spa with scrub, noodles with black bean sauce in Koreatown, drive to Rinconada Dairy
May 6-10- Rinconada Dairy
May 10, Thursday- Jeannie’s house in afternoon, grilled sausage for dinner, chill on grassy lawn with kids
May 11, Friday- Hike Holy Jim, Mexican food for lunch or dinner
May 12, Saturday- to Mom’s house in evening
May 13, Sunday- Mother’s Day w/mom
May 15- To Joshua Tree to help Jeannie with the Korean BBQ in Joshua Tree National Park
May 16, Wednesday- Back to mom’s house. Massage and Facial w Gen in Temecula, mom watch kids
May 17, Thursday- 9:30am Laser Hair Newport then fun OC activity (whale watching? rent paddle boards? eat at True Food Kitchen?), to Jeannie’s house
May 18, Friday-  (dyeing with fig and eucalyptus? shik do rak?)
May 19, Saturday- Flying out of LA at 10:25am


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