Contemporary Macrame

Raise your hand if you are driven crazy by your incessantly tangled earphone cords.

That’s me jumping up and down with my right arm up high. I know I need to use them, but no matter how I coil them, they get snarled into an electronic mess that requires way too much of my time.

Sierra found this idea online (it’s all over pinterest and lifehacker): wrap the cords with crochet thread using a friendship bracelet macrame knot called the Chinese Staircase. You may not recognize these names, but as soon as you see it you will know what I am talking about. The wrapped cords are too stiff to tangle!

There is a great little post about how to do it at the blog, Contemporary Farm Girl. The best part of her post is her youtube tutorial. This is a good no-nonsense home DYI video. The post with detailed directions is here. I am just including the video, which might be enough if you have any level of experience with macrame or friendship bracelets.

The Chinese Staircase looks a like a spiraling bump going up the earphone cord. It is made with the first half of a square knot repeated over and over again.

I had fun picking out my colors and deciding on a “pattern” (ultimately, I chose to do each earphone cord and the long “Y” cord in three different colors. the earphone with the speaker that goes in my right will be done in red for easy identification).

This is what happens when my friend Sierra comes to visit; I get excited about projects. I’ve started this project (taking over one corner of the dining room table) and I’ve also cast on a chunky monkey for my nephew expected to arrive in December.

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