My Version of “Summer Camp”

I’m in hot, humid Boca Raton for 18 days and it’s turning out just fine. I’m learning tons of new things (beekeeping, canning…); experiencing some incredible wild life (nesting sea turtles); and spending time with some of my favorite people (the Malnove babies are now 10, 8, and 5).

Besides doing some mind-blowing things with bees (remove a live hive! split a hive! harvest honey!) here is a list of a few things we hope to do during my short stay –  new skills and sierra’s household to-do list included indiscriminately:

stalk baby sea turtle hatchlings (saw mama laying instead)

learn to cut old t-shirts into single lengths (for crocheting into rugs)

clean up craft room (Sierra’s sister Gen did this!)

call natural pest guy

finish bubble chandelier in bathroom

organize Sierra’s pantry (Sierra’s sister Gen did this!)

trailer hitch on car

carve spoon out of gumbo limbo wood (local tree adapted to FL storm weather)

prepare akee (Jamaican fruit in freezer)

make mango- jalapeño jam

make mango-passionfruit jelly

make Korean BBQ (done this twice now)

make fresh coconut jello (not a great success-none of the kids would eat it)

elderflower champagne (still puzzled how this will happen)

make carembola/starfruit jelly (I fell asleep halfway through this, but I’m still counting it)

all-you-can-eat sushi (going to happen again next week)

Charm City Burgers (train conductor from Deerfield beach rec’d – we have been to BurgerFi which was also delicious)

see live ‘gators in the Everglades (long shot bc it’s 2-hour drive south)

make jewelry in Joe’s metal shop across the street (scheduled for Monday! excited!)

make craft room curtains

hook up BBQ grill (got advice, now need to get parts)

order hankies (from dharma trading just like in the old days)

Costco (organic olive oil)

infuse calendula, comfrey, plantain, yarrow, St John’s wort, chickweed

sourdough rye bread

get kombucha SCOBY back to life (it’s weak, may need reinforcement)

harvest starfruit 

make vodka rainbow cake

hang stained glass

start a batch of mead

check photostamp gift certificates

snorkeling (Debois Lagoon 2x, Blue Heron Bridge)


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