look at what I got

A book! This one -> Destination Art by Amy Dempsey (ha, ha – that’s the name of a former roommate. She now lives in Berkeley too, but she certainly was not a book writer…)

How cool is that? Thank you Laura.

Odd coincidence – I picked up a small gift for you this week as well: A reminder of ole Monument Hill. Monument Hill was the greatest sledding hill ever: a hill perfect in every way for sledding. It was as if it existed only for the few times a year when it was the most majestic, towering, and popular spot in Rockville. I don’t believe there was anything else in that park, only that hill.

I’ve often thought that if I could sled every day, I would have no trouble getting enough exercise. I remember the interminable trudges uphill and then the glorious rush of hurtling down. Over and over again. Oh man, I can’t believe I am getting nostalgic about Rockville, Maryland! (although no ice skating has ever been as much fun as ice skating along the C & O canal next to the Potomac River – probably the same winter. That was the year roofs caved in and we attempted to dig a tunnel from the house to the street curb.)

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