sick again

I’ve called in sick again as my throat is sore. But that will give me time to work on my thesis at home as well. I am not going to jinx my new thesis schedule by publishing it this time. (I’ll just let you know when it’s done…)

Strangely we couldn’t find the West Side Story DVD (Bella swears she hasn’t touched it), so we moved on to Colin Firth in the TV mini-series 1995 production of Pride and Prejudice. Last night we watched the first half (over teriyaki salmon and costco sushi) and tonight we finished it (over spags with sausage). It was GREAT. So good I want to start watching it again from the beginning. Everything about the movie was so romantic and sweeping; it left me in a perfect state of tremulous happiness. sigh.

I’m getting married to the best man I’ve ever known too.

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