San Diego things to do

I want to go to San Diego soon. First off, the Expanded Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) opened downtown January 21, 2007.

And secondly, Sea World has a great deal until April 30, 2007: Buy a one-day pass for $57 and get in the rest of the year free! I’m coming Shamu! Who’s in?

I know this is a post about San Diego, but we got our tix to San Fran last night. Hurray! $113 roundtrip LAX to SFO. Bella is not going; I may put off Alcatraz until she comes with me.

AND I had my two weeks of Absence of Leave Without Pay approved – so I will be going to Thailand afterall – the first two weeks of May. (I just won’t have any money to shop… glum.) Little golden piglet will be worth it though. Although, now that my mom and dad are in Thailand they think Sue and Joss are living in the lap of luxury and it’s not really necessary for me to come. (!!!) My mom says she had her baby alone and so Sue can do it too. Sheesh. She even said I had had my baby alone. I was too flabbergasted by her about-face to remind her that just because she didn’t attend my birth didn’t mean that I was alone. I had two midwives attending, my then-husband, my friend Lisa videotaping and a pesky neighbor friend dropping by during labor. That is not no alone.

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