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A few more words on diamonds – I appreciate that a gemologist commented on my post, and I wanted to clarify something that he mentioned. When somebody says that they have a flawless diamond, it means flawless to 10X magnification, period. That means that there could be visible flaws with greater magnification – so when I mean that that I am over the idea of a flawless diamond, I just mean that FLAWLESS is on a spectrum – how closely do you want to look? Same with color. Nothing is inherently wrong with a blue or yellow diamond and anyway, anything to “I” is nearly colorless.

Also, I have found that since people get so hung up on other diamond cliches, like a solid carat, the best deals come with diamonds that are just shy of a carat (hence the downtown deal of .93). The only “C” that I get tough about, is the Cut. Important to get a Very Good to Ideal cut, because bascially jewelers will cut the diamond in any ole shape to try and get the most “carat-age” out of it. You need a good cut for maximum fire (that’s what the salesperson will tell you). And since I never gave the guy any credit (or my business), I learned a lot from talking to a sales guy at Ben Bridge Jewelry in Montclair – where I once purchased a Tissot watch for my brother-in-law (on behalf of my parents…)

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