books rec's from a well-read friend

On Tuesdays Bella likes to go home and sleepover at her friend’s house;  a friend who has TV reception, so that they can watch Desperate Housewives and Gilmore Girls (saved by TiBo). I’ve never watched Desperate Housewives myself, but I have gathered from various raised eyebrows that it is one of the racier T.V. shows going. I know that I have a rep as being a T.V. prude, but you know what? I am fine with just letting her watch what (supposedly) everybody else watches one night a week.

So, Tuesdays have become my writing days. I shoot home from work – get that puppy outside for a spell, make a cup of earl grey and get settled in front of the computer. And impose a one post for one hour of thesis work rule. And one post before I start working, just to get it out of my system.

I asked my friend Laura for some book recommendations, because sooner or later I will have to choose a book for the book club (and remember, it has to be a book I’ve never read). Laura was my childhood best friend from third to seventh grade; and I don’t know if I trust anybody’s opinion on books more. (We were such crazy book worms that we spent our summers having reading contests.)

Her rec’s:

Housekeeping by Marilyn Robinson (she says, if she wrote only one book as good as this one, she would be satisfied…)

Brick Lane or Alentejo Blue by Monica Ali (she knows I’m sucker for the Booker prize winners)

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

Norwood or Gingos by Charles Portis

Now I can throw away that ratty little post-it with all my notes on it.

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