Debriefing the Oscars

Well, it all went pretty much as expected (and as I predicted) – both Helen Mirrin and Forrest Whittaker sure deserved their best actor awards, and I’m glad that Alan Arkin (grandpa in Little Miss Sunshine) won best supporting over Eddie Murphy. It was great to see Al Gore up on the stage and so enthusiastically received, but frightening to see how much weight he has gained over the years. Watching An Inconvenient Truth is right at the top of my to-do list.

Two decent articles about the evening in the NYTimes today. This one covers Ellen Degeneres and the general feel of the event. And this one runs through all the winners. Between them, you’ll read every funny joke and feel like you were there. (Read about the main after-party here.)

We made fresh guacamole with chips for snacking and mandoo (Korean dumplings) and bin tae ttok (mung bean pancakes) for supper. That’s what you get when you’re Korean in southern cali.

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