My Best Christmas Present

Sometimes it takes a month or two (or longer) to appreciate a gift. But this one started ahead and stayed ahead. I wear the denim apron Asia made for me every single day. It protects me from everything! I love it.

I am holding my second-favorite gift. It is a bluetooth device in the form of an old-fashioned dial phone receiver. I got it because Songbae gave all his Christmas gifts to me before he left (all of them – he shoved them across the table and said, Here, you’ll get more use out of these things).  I loved that handset, but it didn’t seem very practical because you have to hold it with your hand – and I do the dishes a lot when I talk on the phone. Anyway, I returned it to and got a $39.99 gift certificate. Anybody have a suggestion what I should get? I’m thinking about a gorillapod.

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