Not Cheap Airplane Tix

I bought airplane tix last night.

Newark (EWR) – Palm Springs (PSP) $365

I kept waiting and waiting for a sale to come around, but the price stayed about the same. And it was virtually the same price to fly into LAX and ONT – so I figured it was easier to fly into Palm Springs. I miss the days when you used to be able to fly coast-to-coast for $250.

Also, I bought LAX – BKK. That cost $880. That price never changed either. I think that is the same that I paid when Bella and I went to Bangkok four years ago. (Except that it was only $600 for Bella; international tix for kids are usually only 80% of the adult ticket) Luckily, my mom has offered to pay for the ticket so I could go hang with Sue while she pops the new Lee kid into the world.

I almost had a heart attack last week surfing for airfares. I pulled up a roundtrip ticket to Bangkok and the ticket price had gone to $2700!! I started scrolling desperately down the page in a complete panic – only to discover that I had made a typo. Instead of BKK I had typed BBK, which apparently is a airport in Botswana. Boy, going to Africa is expensive.

The way I look for cheap tix is by using the “Expand Search Options” function at I click “check any airports within 80 miles” and “search for tickets one day after and before.”

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