trina turk

I guess it’s a little bit cheating to post my wedding dress shopping under the category “wedding for $2000,” since my mom is paying for the dress – but still, I am looking for a dress in the $100-$300 range versus the $1000-$3000 range.

Yesterday, a friend (thanks Sara!) reminded me of a designer named Trina Turk who has a shop in Palm Springs. I do love her clothes, but have never found anything there that looked good enough on me to spring for the extra bucks.

I stopped by and tried on a few dresses for the hell of it. There were some beautiful things in that shop… but same thing as the last times – the dresses were awfully cute, but didn’t quite suit me.

Here’s one I tried (I know it’s not fancy enough, but I liked the white crochet)

and another one I tried on…

and here’s one I didn’t see in the shop, but I would have loved to have worn in my twenties…

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