Cooking Ninjas

I do believe that Maya and I are aspiring cooking ninjas. I called Maya for another cooking date, because I’ve found I just don’t feel like cooking when she’s not around. Luckily she was suffering from the same affliction – so we got together today and made three gigantic lasagnas, four dozen carrot/raisin/bran (and not bran) muffins, and the usual batch of 32 Nut Rice Burgers for the freezer. (Btw, we followed the recipe more precisely this time and I think the burgers are better. Also, we’ve changed the name of the Nut Rice Burgers to “Maui Burgers” in memory of the time Marlena and Damian made them there.)

I thought the un-bran muffins were pretty tasty (Maya forgot to put in the bran and carrots in the first batch!), but Maya says the recipe isn’t delicious enough to post. She had a good point: there lots and lots of mediocre recipes floating around – better to save our energy for sharing the really good ones. We baked one lasagne tonight, but by the time it was finished cooking, Maya had gone home, Bella had gone to bed, and I was stuffed.

Most likely, it will be very delicious and the recipe will be post-worthy. So, until then…

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