Songbae on Massage

“So how many times have you been massaged since you got here?”

“I don’t know – three?”

“Whaaa? You said on your blog that you spent a third of your time getting massages – that’s not a third! I plan to get massaged every day I’m here… at least once!”

After that exchange I decided to try and keep up with Songbae’s massage pace, but I only lasted two days. Luckily, both places were Songbae’s old haunts, and so the service was excellent.

Here are our top two places for massage in Bangkok:

1. PO MASSAGE – off Sukhumvit, down soi 33. You have to pass a couple places that say “teen massage” but this PO MASSAGE has the best massage of the dozen or so places I’ve tried in Bangkok.

2.  CHANWIT’S – located at the very end of Khao San Road (not the end with the McDonald’s), upstairs on the third floor. This used to be Songbae’s favorite place. They also offer a 30-hour massage course for 4,500 baht. An hour long massage costs 180B (~$6) and two hours costs (~$10).

Both places are straight-forward and clean. You are given clean clothes to wear and your feet are vigorously scrubbed and washed before the massage. Mattresses are all in the same room on a raised stage. Tea and fruit are served afterwards.

N.B. Massage is one service that is well-tipped in Thailand (versus restaurants and cabs), so plan to leave 100B if you liked your massage.

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