Generating Outflow

I’m using the last hour before my first wedding guests arrive as impetus to do a whirlwind, frantic house clean fueled by espresso.

I am trying to move as much STUFF out of my house as possible, trying to create a outbound flow of energy: a river of THINGS leaving my house. It’s a little like walking in circles in an above-ground pool to make a whirlpool. Unfortunately, it is more easily accomplished when there is more than one person working on making the whirlpool. But Chad arrives tomorrow (from there on out – we will be together), and he will be good at hunkering down at the task(s) at hand: packing up the house and simultaneously cleaning up the house for the wedding brunch and the future tenant.

I hope he is impressed by the fact that I got rid of the weight machine today; traded it for $100 of services. Got rid of the rat skyscraper too; traded that one for $60 of yard work.

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